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Monday, June 22, 2015

Pes 2010 – PC

Pes 2010 - PC
UK REVIEW–It’s been a tough few years for the Pro Evolution Soccer series. After first showing signs of stagnation in 2008, it’s subsequently been overtaken by FIFA in the area it always dominated: gameplay. While Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 doesn’t stop the rot, it’s a step in the right direction. The gameplay returns the series to its simulation roots and the online mode boasts much improved features and functionality. That said, major issues persist, including the stilted animation, terrible commentary, and a lack of licenses that have long spoiled the series. Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 plays a good game of football that’s substantially different to its rival FIFA, but in the face of such strong competition, it still falls short of expectations.
While the tweaks to this year’s gameplay are minimal, the result is a better game overall. The speed has been reduced to make the game feel more like a simulation, and the goalkeepers have become much more efficient, which lowers the overall scorelines. These two changes address some of the major criticism from fans, but many of the old problems remain. Player animation looks incredibly stilted thanks to simple repeated running animations, while the transitions between moves are sharp and generally unpolished. The headline gameplay feature is 360-degree player control, which should make players more natural to control, but there’s little noticeable difference in terms of the way these players move over last year.
What Pro Evo 2010 does offer is an incredible amount of player detail, with facial likenesses that are among the best in the sports genre. Famous players, such as Wayne Rooney and Steven Gerrard, look uncannily realistic, with incredibly lifelike faces, hair, and limbs. The likenesses can be hit or miss–Lionel Messi looks much better than Michael Owen, for example, and the likenesses are much more accurate in the upper leagues than in lesser known teams. There’s a much better sense of physicality to the players than there was in last year’s game, with head-on clashes resulting in the weaker player hitting the floor and some much more involved tussles for the ball.

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